Canadian Rockies Hiking - August 12-20, 2000

I traveled to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, August 12 to meet my fellow hikers for a week of hiking in the Canadian Rockies on a Smithsonian Study Tour.

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At Paget Lookout

Our last hike took us to Paget Lookout. That's Cathedral mountain in the background. But I'm getting ahead of the story.

After checking into the Palliser Hotel in Galgary I had a few hours on my own before the welcome party. I people watched in Olympic Plaza and walked along Stephens Avenue, a pedestrian-only thoroughfare running through the heart of downtown. Free Udderly Art was on display ... surrealistic cows dotted downtown as they have been in New York City ... but not vandalized. Canadians also do not j-walk or cross against the light, felt right at home.

At the welcome party I met the group. California, Washington, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois and New York were represented. We met Peter Duck, the study leader, drank wine, ate cheese and crackers and began the bonding process that I've come to enjoy travelling with a group.

As has been my experience, particularly on these longer Smithsonian tours, the memories of the people I've traveled with, the thoughts and experiences we've shared, with will remain after the details of the trip become blurred.

I hope this presentation rekindles fond memories in those who traveled with me. For those who travel with me vicariously I hope I'll be able to share with you the great pleasure this trip provided.

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Canadian Rockies Photo Diary

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Crowfoot Glacier from the Icefields Parkway Wilcox Pass Trail - Columbia Ice Field - Athabasca Glacier Becker's Roaring River Chalets Athabasca River at Becker's montane valley - valley of the 5 lakes Wabasso Lake Buffalo Berries In the valley of the 5 lakes Lunch break - Trail from Wabasso Lake  Beaver Pond - The Valley of the Five Lakes Trail Head - To The Bald Hills Bald Hills Trail - View from the hitching post To the Bald Hills lookout All of us on Bald Hills Our Moose - Maligne Lake Trail Bull Elk - On our way to Sulphur Skyline Trail Ascending the Sulphur Skyline Trail  On Sulphur Ridge - Sulphur Skyline Trail  On Sulphur Ridge - Sulphur Skyline Trail Big Horn sheep - Miette Hot Springs Geraldine Peak at Leach Lake A stop on the Icefields Parkway Parker Ridge - Peter, Alan and Norm Parker Ridge - Saskatchewan Glacier Emerald Lake Lodge Takakkaw Falls - Jack, Tom and George Iceline Trail - Lunch in the boulder Field Yoho Lake Saddling up - Yoho Lake Along the Trail through Yoho Pass Emerald Lake from Yoho Pass In the boulder field below Yoho Pass Ascending toward Paget Lookout At Paget Lookout Lake Louise Moraine Lake from "the rock pile" One Last Look
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